Season Rental

Are you tired of having to pick up and return equipment every time you hit the slopes? Season rentals may be the answer for you. 

Here at the Yakima Sporthaus, we provide ski and snowboard season rentals (Oct 1 through May 15). There are three different packages available. Junior Package, Basic Adult Ski/Snowboard Package, and Performance Ski Package. All packages are priced based on the equipment (i.e. junior season rentals are determined by equipment not age).   

For Skiers that means skis, boots, and poles. For Snowboards that means boots, boards, and bindings. 

Pre-Season Pricing

In-Season Pricing

Jr Ski/Snowboard Package - $169

Jr Ski/Snowboard Package - $199

Adult Ski/Snowboard Package - $250

Adult Ski/Snowboard Package - $299

Performance Ski Package - $375

Performance Ski Package - $399




Basic Ski/SnowboardPackage - $35

Basic ski/board only- $20

Jr Ski/SnowboardPackage - $28

Snowboard boots - $15

Performance Ski Package- $40

Ski Poles or Helmet -$6

Demo Ski - $60

Snowshoe Package - $20

Rentals are first come first served. WE DO NOT RESERVE RENTALS and are no longer offering the online registration option. Rental can be picked up after 1pm the day before you want to go.