Tune Shop

At the Sporthaus we offer a full service tune shop for all your ski/snowboard needs. Our techs are able to perform any service you need on your equipment from a quick wax to major repair of impact damage to edges/sidewalls.

Tune Shop Services

Full Tune - $49.95
A full tune includes 
    • Base grind 
    • Repairing core shots 
    • Filling in any and all base scratches 
    • Sharpen side edge & base edge 
    • Infrared wax
Mini Tune - $34.95
A mini tune includes 
    • Sharp side edges 
    • Infrared Wax
Binding Adjust - $30.00
Ski bindings should be adjusted for every new boot, new skier, and new season. Make sure all of your binding's mechanisms are up to par, and calibrated for you and your style of riding
Binding Mount - $60.00
A binding mount includes a machine wax and binding adjust.
Infrared Wax - $17.95
An infrared wax is like your traditional hot wax however, the infrared light allows your base material to become fully saturated with wax, protecting your base and delivering better performance than an iron.
Hand Wax - $19.95
The tried and trusted hand wax is a work of art.
Machine Wax - $8.00
Need just a little boost of speed for tomorrow? A machine wax is quick application and good for a few days on hill.
Mics. Repair
Our shop has seen it all, from BOA cables breaking to full edge replacements. No matter what "your friend" did to your skis, if its fixable, Matt can fix it.



Restringing your racket ensures you're playing at peak performance. Restring is free with the purchases of string, and $19.95 for your own string.


Your grip is essential for controlling the ball, so don't neglect your grip. Grips range from $8.00 to $12.00


Find the Perfect Tennis rackets for you at Sporthaus Today!

Foot Specialists

Custom Foot Beds

Your Feet

Everyone's feet are different.

Custom mold

Mold to your feet.

Shape until perfect

Specialist adjust and tweak to perfection

Walk Easy

Walk free of pain.

Boot Fitting

Heat Mold - $50.00
Boot Punch - $25.00
Snowboard Boot Stretch - $25.00 per boot
Shell Grind - $20.00 per square inch
Shell Length - $30.00
Boot Board Grind - $25.00
Liner Stretch - $40.00
Buckle Replacement - $25.00
Foam - $10.00 per square inch
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