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Tune Up


General Tune Up
Basic Tune Up
E-Bike Tune Up
Bike cleaning. 
Check headset, bottom bracket, and hub. 
Minor wheel true/check and adjust spoke tension. 
Drivetrain assessment/adjustment. 
Check/adjust brakes. 
Set tire pressure.
$90 Plus Parts 
Minor adjustments and cleaning for a bike that is functioning but needs a little TLC. 
Drivetrain assessment/Adjustment
Brake assessment/Adjustment
Set tire pressure. 
$60 Plus Parts 
Same as our general tune, but with a little more labor involved.
$120 Plus Parts 
Disassembly of complete bike, deep clean, inspection of frame and components, headset service, bottom bracket service, replacement of all housing and cables, break bleed, replacement of pads, lateral and radial wheel true, spokes tensioned, hub service, fork and/or shock service if applicable.
Road Bike - $300 Plus Parts ($400 for E-bikes)
Mountain Bikes - $400 Plus Parts ($500 for E-bikes) 
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